Sexier than Sex and the City, Halston Heritage Dresses at Big Drop NYC

The buzz is all around the magazine stands, fashion blogs, coffee tables, fans, and trendsetter. Everyone wants to know what Carrie wore on he set of Sex and the City 2.

Most of you probably heard the rumor about Carrie Bradshaw being a new face of Halston Heritage Spring 2010 collection.

Whether the rumor is true or not, what we know for sure is that the star loves Halston Heritage dresses since she wore two of their dazzling dresses on the set.

White Halston Heritage Dress $325

Electric Blue Halston Heritage Dress $435

Big Drop NYC will be getting in both of these amazing dresses. Electric Blue dress will be available in January, and White Dress will be available in February. For more information, call the nearest store.

Another fabulous choice by Carrie is wide studded belt from Streets Ahead. We currently have a skinnier version in brown leather + gold studs, black leather + silver studs and black leather + gold studs, $110. Stop by any of our location to get these items. Also, we will have the exactly same item that was photographed below on Sarah Jessica Parker in black leather + gold studs and black leather + silver studs by November.
Streets Aheaed Belt shown in Sex and the City
Genuine leather belts with studs from Streets Ahead Silver Studs $216 Gold Studs $253

Stay tuned!

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