We love us some sexy leather pants!


Gilbert Gilmore leather pants (GI-GGLL803 $1320)- LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

We cannot get enough of them! I think this is my favourite item we have in the store currently. It is made of a special memory stretch leather so it will retain it’s shape after numerous wears. These are amazing! So incredibly comfortable. Even better, the fit is PHENOMENAL! There are panels of leather on the side and a back zipper to ensure that the fit is absolutely perfect and that the leather will not bunch up anywhere. So easy to wear with a slouchy T and tonnes of fun jewels and insane sexy heels!

You might only see a couple sizes at our stores- but talk to us! Not only is this exclusive to Big Drop stores, but our good friend, designer Gilbert Gilmore will custom fit and make a pair in your size for you upon request!

Who loves you and wants you to look hot and smokin’ in your custom made leather leggings? Big Drop does! xx

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